In each city, a small group of local and international investors come together to invest $50K-$100K in the winning start-up.

Not a traditional venture capital fund, our model is to bring together a group of angels and investors who agree to a common set of terms with the winning startup but with each investor signing their own individual deal. We make all of our investments as a convertible debenture, which you can read more about here. You must agree to the terms and conditions before you register to pitch.

1) Apply to pitch

2) Register for the event

3) The selection committee will choose 100 Startups that will get the chance to pitch in the elevator. All others are welcome to come to the networking party. You will receive an email 1-3 weeks prior to the event, letting you know if you will be pitching in the elevator

4) Selected startups will receive their time slot for pitching in the elevator

5) The day of the event you will show up at your specified time and pitch to a group of judges/investors sitting in the elevator

6) Each group of judges will shortlist one startup. A total of 6-10 startups will be shortlisted in this process

7) All shortlisted startups will then pitch at the party to the whole crowd

8) Two awards will be handed out, a people’s choice award and the judges pick. Only the judges pick will receive the investment prize money

9) All shortlisted and winning companies will be highlighted on the Elevator World Tour Website

10) The winner of the investment prize will have to sign a convertible note with each individual prize investor and will be awarded the opportunity to pitch in the world finals in Montreal at Startupfest.